The Raydiant Labyrinth
Bono’s essay (sadly) just got the last piece of its puzzle.

You better pray to God we’re done; we’ll be done for otherwise. (Otherwise titled, Man it sucks to be right.):

"But that’s getting off-point, which is the true nature of neo-liberal ilk; its coverage of truly heinous sins far outstripping the papal sale of indulgences.

-Did Warren and Bill like their tar sands tour? They don’t live with this toxic time bomb. These people do.

If you knew what sort of neo-liberals ran the backwoods (this was due to the fraud they ran by indebting the third largest public electrical utility company in Canada (BC Hydro, built on hydro-power), for nothing, to US corporations –that’s the “contractual obligations” bit these worthless gits deliberately bankrupted our sustainable public utility with for the sake of US privatization interests, to the tune of $80 billion (source depending), you’d deserve the illness it caused you (but then, financial deregulators are your “it” crowd). As per usual, the bastards did it by force. (Here we go again.) This is just beginning to come home to roost.

-And yes, there is a connect, as when they were running the neo-liberal show in BC, that’s when Bill Gates’ investment, CN, acquired BC Rail (yet another railway previously owned by the Canadian public) –under circumstances that were dubious in the extreme, -and there our “new” neoliberal premier’s household comes up as the object in a search warrant. It wouldn’t be profitable without unbridled corruption aiding and abetting the centrifugal distribution of the levers of our economy to a very select few. -As for how neo-liberals even get re-elected, -never mind. It would be illegal stateside. (This highly dubious election win prevented a public inquiry into the scandal surrounding the sale of BC Rail to CN, which was uncovered in a corruption court case of acting liberal party members that was more or less deep sixed (RCMP warrants for the first time in history conducted on offices at the BC Legislature), -with BC taxpayers being  forced to foot the defendant’s 6 mil$ defense tab; –a Warren Buffet BNSF subsidiary, Omnitrax, was also involved in the bidding for BC Rail and allegedly embroiled in the bribery aspects of the scandal). The reigning neo-liberal premier, Campbell, who offloaded BC Rail did so after it was a plank in his election campaign to not privatize it; -it was direct betrayal of his constituents. Despite all, we remain a healthy backwater for dissent, though our nation is now unrecognizable to us. This is what “democracy” as economic rape looks like. (Hint: It’s how the (much bigger) neighbour/trading partner wants it.)

Correction: this is what it actually looks like

-Since you are likely woefully ignorant of what a tailings “pond” breach actually means and how easily an Athabasca flood could pull this off (permanently polluting the second largest watershed in all of North America by way of tributary), - we can now provide you a live existential test tube situation unfolding in real time (reel time for the inhabitants) in the truly pristine and wondrous Cariboo region of Beautiful British Columbia, that existential oxymoron that performs a mask for its own destruction, so grab a front row seat. This “spill” has been deliberately siphoned into Quesnel Lake, which happens to feed a tributary of the largest watershed in British Columbia, (the Fraser), comprising a full 60 plus percent of its land base, -right before spawning season was to take place in one of the most prolific salmon runs in the entire country (or North America for that matter). The Quesnel Lake run is forecast to be responsible for 25% of the Fraser’s Sockeye run this year (source depending, and watch those, as not even the government trusts itself with this one).

We thank the sponsors and midwives directly responsible for transforming this into hell, starting with this CEO (who received the usual PR BJ from Forbes), -with his BS PR claim the water tested as drinkable, (when it was actually tested the same day as the spill occurred, and the sediments are the larger, permanent long term issue –you can scroll down for some contents). Yer CEO is a dilbit billionaire, the fourteenth richest Canadian in fact (his ranking by Forbes). He made the bulk of his wealth on tar sands open mines (for which the tailings ponds are so vast as to comprise 176 square km three years ago). This is additionally cut 30% with fracked gas (how the term “diluted bitumen” is arrived at) for export to the US. The demand isn’t small.

-Doesn’t it suck to be right (as in right on the money) ahead of time, as we stand witness the worst mine tailings spill in Canadian history? As per the above, Murray Edwards swooped in like a vulture of benevolence right when the BC Liberals were eclipsed in the polls by the NDP “socialists” who reigned the ‘90’s, with a million dollar funding campaign luncheon hosted in Calgary, Alberta. A quote from Canada’s Financial Post:

"When British Columbia’s Liberal Premier, Christy Clark, was in danger of losing last spring’s election, Edwards helped sponsor a fundraiser in Calgary; he advised Prime Minister Stephen Harper on the controversial takeover last year of Nexen Inc. by China’s CNOOC Ltd. and on future foreign investment by state-owned enterprises; he was instrumental in clenching a deal with Jean Chretien in 2003 that limited the oil sands’ financial exposure to the Kyoto Accord on greenhouse gas emissions. In 2008, he co-hosted a tour of the oil sands for Warren Buffet, one of U.S. President Barack Obama’s top advisors, who has since invested in oil sands producers Suncor Energy Inc. and Exxon Mobil Corp.”

As referenced above, funding from Alberta based energy corpos amounted to a form of foreign intervention to ensure the Liberals’ success last provincial election. It was already clear whose bread was going to be buttered, based on the funding.  It carries, however, a very toxic rather infinite price tag. (The unwelcome spectre of what really happens thanks to neoliberal deregulation opined and enshrined as the “virtue” of the “free market”.) And oh yes, it turns out our illegally polluting billionaire tar babies and your, er, philanthropists are thick as thieves.

The tailings pond was known by the BC Ministry of Environment to be holding more toxic water than legally permitted, yet the BC Liberals allowed Imperial Metals to ramp up production, merely writing them warning letters on the subject. Imperial Metals was warned by the provincial government five times leading up to this breach of precisely this danger. (The government knew the pond was illegal; all they did was write some letters.) Imperial Mines was also warned internally; (when the engineers who designed the dam quit the task, there’s a problem). They were also warned by an independent study over three years ago. This amounts to being warned from all possible fronts. Imperial Mines did nothing but escalate the danger, and the reigning government let them.

Their deliberate delinquency has instead been well rewarded with what was already a HarperCon stealth tactic, the turning of a succession of Canada’s pristine lakes into designated toxic waste zones, i.e., tailings’ ponds. Harper has likely additionally gutted the Fisheries Act in no small part for the sake of this “dispensation”. Imperial Metals was granted two lakes for personal tailings ponds (including one feeding into BC’s largest watershed, the Fraser), by virtue of having already destroyed them.

The only assertiveness the neoliberal provincial government proved capable of worked in the way of classic enablers of the deadliest form of debilitating psychosis. They are not enablers of an individual death, say by drug addiction. They’re enablers of planetary death; -of destruction that could have been easily avoided, -and they did it to help billionaires get richer than they would ever need by needlessly killing it. These are the sort of “friends” that feed south side share profits of hedge fund managers, and give them tours of the tar sands.

This is not an inherent price of doing business. It is a matter of gross mismanagement.”



Mike Brown, a 17 year old high school grad set to begin his first day of college Monday was shot 10 times for reportedly stealing candy and running, while unarmed. 

The neighborhood community came up in arms and began to protest against the police officers on the scene and dozens of police backup and k-9 dogs were called in.

The Civil Rights Movement isn’t over, it has never been over. Something has to change.   


Wakinyan over Seattle


Wakinyan over Seattle

-very thankful.

"Love is Nothing"

"A farmer from Wilson County, James Baily Gardner was among those North Carolinians who would wear the confederate gray and he would be one of the lucky ones who came back alive and unharmed. He was a farmer, as his father before him, working a parcel of land his father had cleared in western Wilson County. Since 1853, James Bailey had been married to Peninah Batts, a planter’s daughter, whose American roots went back nearly two hundred years to the first Atlantic colonies. Their union would be blessed with seven offspring before Peninah’s untimely death in 1867. That same year Gardner claimed a new bride, the teenage Mary Dilda, twenty-two years his junior. With her his issue would grow by another half-dozen: Cynthia, Benjamin, Charles, Warren, and in 1878, Jonas Bailey, and two years after that their last, a daughter named Ava Virginia.

James Bailey Gardner was a disagreeable man, prone to black moods, drunkenness, and violence, increasingly so as the years went on. He was a chronic imbiber of moonshine, and when his black moods and his corn liquor converged he was a menace to all. At those times it was the designated job of the youngest child, Ava Virginia, to run into the house and find the old man’s gun and hide it. Gardner and his second family lived on the farm his wife had inherited from her father…” p. 13-14 Ava Gardner by Lee Server.

Patriarchy, the enforced transmission of trauma tainted sperm to haunt generations, simultaneously enforcing trauma through reproduction while literally breeding women to death for the sake of their own proclivities to create more beings subject to their trauma whilst already being predisposed genetically by their sperm trauma transmission to either accept or become it. Reproduction enforced through abusiveness to enforce the male ability/proclivity to engage in reproduction by force for their evolutionary advantage to maximize it, perpetuated generationally. 

"And you wonder why we don’t like you."